Window shutters – A Security Provider

Made to measure shutters are window dressings that control the amount of light coming through a window. They have solid frames with built-in louvers that can be adjusted to let the light filter in or block it out. Shutters can be operated in a number of ways. Most shutters have hinged panels that open and close in a concertina-like manner, allowing you to stack the panels at the side of the window when not in use. Shutters can also be opened and closed like a door – as seen in this contemporary bedroom.

With RDJ Shutters, our designers will discuss your requirements, we can also color match our range of shutters, have a look at the colors available for each range, we can even install our waterproof shutter range in your bathroom and wet room. With that, here are the benefits of installing one.

  •    It requires low maintenance

Blinds and curtains can attract dust, and keeping the fabrics clean can be difficult. Window shutters are a good choice for people with allergies, because they are easy to keep clean.

  •    It provides privacy

When you close a set of shutters, they cover the whole window. When you adjust the louvers, you can let light in without making it easy for people to see inside your home,

  •    Increases appeal to the curb

Window shutters are a nice added-extra that could make your home more appealing to buyers. They are a more ‘semi-permanent’ fixture than curtains or blinds

  •    A UV Protector

Shutters with louvers can be angled to control how much light gets into the room – in much the same way that blinds can be angled. When you want to let light flood into the room, the panels can be fully opened.