Why is League of Legends so Popular?

League of Legends have taken the MOBA gaming stream by storm since its release in 2009 and has been getting more and more active players each month on a global scale. Along with the games active participation in various eSports channels, League of Legends has created many high ranking players that have worked their way to be part of a professional league of players competing in these famous eSports category. South Korea has gained recognition as being the first country to have the most skilled MOBA players, followed by Japan and China. The popularity gained by League of Legends is no secret as many forums discuss among each other and compare the game with other famous MOBA’s such as Dota and Smite.

While we set aside the community in League of Legends, let’s take a deeper look at the developer’s attention towards the player’s response to the game. Feedbacks and bug reports are often submitted and patches are constantly running to fix them for a much smoother gameplay. Players can often expect exciting new events, in-game items, and heroes as well. Other than updates, new players who have settled with League of Legends also stated that the game mechanics are far easier to grasp compared to the others. With easy to grasp mechanics, this leads to fast competitive game sessions.

Achieving higher ranks in League of Legends can be tough but rewarding. The game uses the ELO ranking system that calculates that calculates the players level and skills. Some players who find it difficult to get back to the top of the rank would consider using ELO boosting services like Boosteria, a professional company that strongly abides by privacy protocols to help the players achieve the desired rank results.

Even so, everyone has their own favorite MOBA game. Whether it’s an arena like League of Legends or a first-person shooter like CS:GO, it still goes down to the thrill after each session of gaming that makes each player feel achieved in some places.