Garage door repair: A cost-benefit analysis


A garage door repair would cost owners up to an average of $300-$600 depending on the repair company they consult. For me, a garage door repair Lincoln NE company such as Bulldog Garage Doors & Operators would charge up to $400 dollars. Is it really worth it to repair that broken garage door? To conclude whether the extreme quoted prices was worth, I’ve conducted a cost-benefit analysis. There are three benefits of putting up with the prices to repair our little garage door. Among those, are the obvious advantages of getting to drive my vehicle into the garage as the purpose a garage was designed for.

Secondly, in the case where my car has been sent to the workshop for maintenance, I could finally start that garage band I wanted since the third grade. I would carry my drum set into the garage and play there without the fear of my favorite instrument being stolen. Thirdly, I would acquire peace of mind as a result of finally managing to resolve one of the many items listed on the to-do list stuck to the kitchen fridge. Furthermore, I would be able to store all my tools and equipment for woodwork in the garage. This would essentially create a secure storage space as well as realizing my dying wish of having a “man cave” where I can relish in some personal space.

Lastly, it would give my family members a stronger sense of security as the family car would reside somewhere secure and safe every night. The current alternative we have resorted to is to park the family car in front of the garage. The costs of such a path would essentially mean forking up hundreds of hard-earned dollars to repair something that we have so far been relatively fine without. A concluding remark would note that the benefits of such a decision evidently outweigh the costs. Hence, the final piece of advice for those contemplating to repair their garage doors is that it would indeed be a worthy investment in making.