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If you have not heard of the popular instant messaging application, Snapchat, then it is time for you to get into the trend and understand what young people are getting into these days. Snapchat is a popular social messaging platform that is famous for its creative use in adding various stickers and face filters in recording videos and photos. These collected media recorded by the users are then displayed for a maximum of 24 hours before getting deleted. This makes it a fun way to have a daily visual diary to show to your friends and allows you to view their stories as well. It is also a popular way for fans to see their celebrities living their normal lives behind the camera. But if you’re new and are looking to make new friends, is the perfect solution for you. is a site that holds a database filled with thousands of Snapchat usernames. These usernames have been submitted by users themselves who want to engage in a conversation with people who they don’t know. In this sense, it creates some sort of an adventurous vibe and a great way to get connected with people around the world. The site also helps Snapchat users find dates or people that just want some explicit fun with sexting. But if you’re not looking for that, don’t worry, there are still many people looking for a friendly chat.

The site is completely free and it is also easy to use. There are no requirements involve except that it only caters to users who have Snapchat or Kik. It is by no means affiliated with the company themselves, as they are a standalone website just seeking to help others to meet new people. You can click here for more names,