Beard oil vs Beard Balms

A frequent question asked all around to beard experts or to people who have beards. A non-accurate answer to compare the two is by saying that they both are the same thing. To enlighten yourself, beard balms are a type of pomade like styling agent that is produced with steps of mixing the ingredients, heating them, and then cooling the balm with various sealants and essential moisturizes. For beard oils, on the other hand, they are a type of conditioner and moisturizer that leaves the beard soft and healthy. Beard oils are made by mixing together essential oils extracted from various plants and herbs that provide different types of fragrances to the oils.

An easier way to differentiate between the two is that one is a styling agent and another is a leave-in conditioner. Beard balms are a styling and shaping agent that shapes your beard or mustache to a specific style. Be it a curved end or keeping those flyaways in place, beard balms will hold them in place for quite an amount of time. Not only that, they also can make thin beards look thicker. Look for beard balms that are made with natural sealants as synthetic ones would irritate your skin and damage the hairs within a short period of time.

For beard oils, they are a leave-in type of conditioner that you use after you shower or wash your beard. Beard oils are quite essential in keeping your beard soft and healthy as the skin underneath the beard doesn’t excrete as much sebum as our scalp does. Sebum is important for our hairs as it keeps it moisturized. Problems can arise when you don’t keep your beard moisturized and it’s often dandruff that comes along.

So now that you’ve understood the difference between the two, the next question might be where you could get your hands on some natural beard oils and balms. Well, check out Primitive Outpost for one of the best beard oils and the best beard growth oils the world has to offer.