Common Problems to Avoid During Sous Vide


Sous vide cooking is perfect for those who don’t have the time to prepare meals but want to enjoy the taste of home cooked food. But even though sous vide is an easy method of cooking, there are still problems that you need to avoid in order to enjoy this cooking method.

When cooking food in sous vide, food must be stored in vacuum-sealed pouches and then submerged into water. But what people often forget is how they handle the pouches. Sous vide pouches are delicate and foods that have pointy edges like nuts and asparagus can tear up a hole. Furthermore, prevent from using tongs to pick up the pouches as well as they can accidentally mash up food like tender fish fillets and potatoes. If you find yourself constantly spoiling the pouches, you might need to consider silicone bags instead.

Other than that, letting the water evaporate from the water bath while your food is cooking is a big mistake especially if you’re off working and left the sous vide exposed, only to come back and find that half of the water has evaporated and your food is left hanging uncooked. To prevent this, place a plastic wrap over the container so that the evaporating water goes back into the bath. Be sure to also check on safety precautions from the manufacturers manual on leaving the sous vide machine without supervision.

Sous vide can be fun, easy, and convenient when done correctly. With a few tweaks and fixes, it can be quite difficult to mess up a meal. Wondering how to cook sous vide or looking for more recipes? Head over to Sous Vide Wizard for a great library of recipes and cookbooks on sous vide for you to choose from at

Why The Animal Jam Game is Great

If you are looking for an online game, the options are quite a lot. Of course you can check all the games you want but that might take some time. Instead, why don’t you try the Animal Jam game? This is really an interesting game though if you check this out, this is obviously designed for kids.

Why is it that parents will just allow their kids to play this game? What’s so great about this? Check this out:

The good thing with this game is that the developer is concerned about the players of this game. That is why he made sure that online resources are provided so that each of the players will know how to act accordingly towards other players.

Their in-game chat is constantly updated which is incorporated with the ever-changing slang as well as communication trends.

Player reports are always monitored. They constantly listened to the people’s comments as well as suggestions. Not only that, they also made sure that cyber bullying will not happen in their community.

They are constantly on the lookout for accounts that are violating their rules and regulations so that they will be suspended and deactivated.

Yes, this game is just perfect for your kids as they will be in the best of hands for sure. They will make sure that no one can do any harm to her when it comes to playing the game.

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